Mena for Touristic Development and Hotel Management

 Is specialized in the management of hotels, restaurants and resorts benefiting of the wide and deep experience in the sector.
Many international personalities have praised the ultimate and professional service of our staff.
Mena for touristic development is one of the main sponsors of the theory of the transportation and moving the stone blocks used in the building of the great pyramid by Mr, Ellio Diomedi 

The company is managing the following projects

It is in one of the most beautiful and oldest tourist areas in Cairo, the coffee shop is operating since 2003.

It is the only temple with full architect elements remaining from the time of the pharaohs built in the Greek era to the god Horus .the coffee shop was inaugurated in 2004.

Inaugurated in 1999 in a very special place in Heliopolis Cairo.

Overlooking the panorama of the sound and light at the sphinx and the three pyramids

The place serves lunch and dinner while watching the sound and light program.

The project level is a 5 stars level located at 2 Km south of Marsa Alam Edfu axis cross.

First phase will be of 100 rooms, reception, main restaurant, specialized restaurants, beauty center, gym,Jacuzzi,steam bath, business center, diving center.